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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Modification Cars

Cars that we buy from a dealer, be it the color of the paint, tires, rims, or its accessories are standard. To make the car to make it look more attractive is usually the owner to make modifications. Be it on his body, namely by adding a good design that directly use car paint or shaped sticker.

Modification means also replacing some components, such as replacing the standard factory wheels with racing wheels so the car looks more cool.

Replacement of accessories also are part of the modification, with the aim that the car look more luxurious and elegant. Modification your car no need car design software, you just search car modification on google and discus with modification shop designer.

The following few examples of modified cars:

And to keep in mind is, to modify a car costs are quite expensive. So ... Shrewd make modifications according to your budget.

image source : google image